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Water Softening System for the Triad Area

Keep your clothing’s colors bright by calling Talley Water Treatment Company for water softener service. Hard water can have numerous adverse effects, including faded fabrics, skin irritation, scale buildup, dingy whites and more. We install effective residential water softener systems that eliminate problematic minerals from the water you use every day.

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Immediate Improvement for Your Water

If your water leaves your clothes dingy or your bathroom’s surfaces caked with white residue, it’s likely time to purchase a residential water softener system. You can experience the many benefits of softer water with installation by our professionals at Talley Water Treatment Company. From shinier appliances to cleaner hair, you’ll love the differences that a high-quality water softener makes for your home.

It is the only water treatment appliance that will pay for itself in savings on cleaning products and time spent cleaning

  • Trust our experienced technicians for fast, reliable water softener installation. We’ve been providing customers throughout Greensboro and surrounding areas with softer water for over 37 years.
  • Consult Talley Water Treatment Company for a professional opinion before you completely replace an existing malfunctioning water softener. We can possibly perform affordable water softener repair that resolves problems without requiring you to spend hundreds on brand-new equipment.
  • Enjoy shinier, cleaner glassware and silverware. Hard water can leave behind a filmy residue even after your utensils go through the dishwasher, but after water softener installation, you should see an improvement in water quality.
  • Protect your appliances from premature failure. Without regular water softener service, minerals can build up in dishwashers, sinks, and washing machines, causing them to fail earlier than they should.
  • Call us for dependable water softener repair if you see signs of hard water. 

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