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Water Testing You Can Trust

Get an accurate reading on the quality of the water in your home with water testing from our professionals. Can you tell something’s wrong with your drinking water, but aren’t sure of the cause? It can be difficult to figure out where an odd smell or taste is coming from, but you can trust Talley Water Treatment Company to try to find the source and recommend a possible solution. 

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Convenient Home Water Testing

Talley Water Treatment Company makes it easy to check the quality of your water by providing in home water testing. We’ll come to you to conduct an on site inspection at no charge. Alternatively, you can bring a water sample to our lab, where our technicians will test it for free.  Don’t wait any longer to learn what’s going on with your water—just call us for a free no-obligation basic water test.

  • Determine the pH of your water with Talley Water Treatment Company. Acidic water can corrode and dissolve copper water pipes and cause copper to leach into your water supply.
  • It is important to have your water tested for the presence of bacteria.  You can take a key step in preventing illness caused from waterborne bacteria by  testing your drinking water supply for bacteria.
  • Save time by taking advantage of our in home water testing service. If you can’t make it to our lab, just give us a call to schedule a convenient time for us to come to you. 
  • Make sure your well water is safe to drink. Did you know private well owners are responsible for monitoring the quality of their own water, so put your trust in an experienced company like Talley Water Treatment Company when you have a question about your water. If we can't provide you with the particular testing that you need we will refer you to someone who can.

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