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Water Treatment Services Around Burlington, NC

Take your first step toward cleaner water by calling Talley Water Treatment Company. You can count on us for attention to detail in all steps of the water treatment process, from testing to installation. Whether your family uses well or city water, we provide the equipment and the service you need to rid your water of harmful chemicals, excess minerals, and bacteria.

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Reliable Water Treatment Services

Municipal and well water systems differ considerably, but our technicians have the experience to successfully treat both types of water sources. After more than 35 years in the field we are very knowledgeable about home water treatment systems.  We carry an high quality selection of filtration equipment and guarantee your satisfaction. We offer a one year satisfaction guarantee, if you aren’t completely satisfied with our water treatment equipment we will remove it at our expense and refund all monies paid to Talley Water.

  • Help your appliances run at peak efficiency by providing quality water for their operation. Proper water treatment will help eliminate mineral buildup and keep your pipes free from corrosion or buildups.
  • Check out our high quality selection of water treatment systems by visiting our showroom. We offer a wide variety of water treatment equipment in Guilford County, including iron filters, sediment filters, water softeners, acid neutralizers, and much more.
  • Remove chloramine and chlorine an added disinfectant, from your municipally treated water. Chloramine and chlorine kill bacteria but remains in your drinking water, and you can filter it out using a home water treatment system after it’s done its job.
  • Count on us for water treatment services done right the first time. With over three decades of experience, we’ve got what it takes to solve your water issues for good.

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